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Horror anthology expert Matt Donato will be tackling the series one-by-one, stacking up the entries as they become streamable. Ethan Peter Giles and Patience Elyse Levesque arrive buckles tight and period garb pressed clean, speaking about the bountiful harvest that awaits. Cody apprehensively questions the lunatics committed to their parts, and she has sufficient reason. Slather horror cornucopias thick with gravy and cranberry sauce. Disciple Ethan is a god-fearing man of puritanical devotion, erecting wood sheds and making himself at home via invasion just as settlers once did to then-indigenous peoples of North America.

Peter Giles sells ten shades of crazy, an actor who differentiates not between costumes or reality. Sans a half-turkey, half-man slasher villain that slaughters anyone who eats his brethren for dinner, Ethan is a quintessential Thanksgiving villain. Patience his emotionless right hand; a follower in the name of simplicity, acknowledgment, and baking damn-scrumptious fixings.

Shane, too busy caught up reviewing stock market fluctuations to tend family proper. The aforementioned wishbone becomes a weapon, food a diversion, and gore a method of spoiling what fresh harvests hath provided. A holiday condemned by malevolent glee and resounding notes of thematic embellishment. Crime unimaginable. I heard it. Loud and clear. At the end I was glad, yes, glad. So there! Who cares what is right and wrong. I understood it. I applauded.

I worried about certain people even after I closed the very last page. This review may not make sense to you. It will Only THEN come back and read my review again. It will then open your eyes to things I cannot reveal. Huge thanks to the author. Whose mind is amazing. To Amazon publishing on Net Galley View all 62 comments.

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Aug 03, Susanne Strong rated it really liked it Shelves: buddy-read , netgalley. A teenager named Toni goes missing without a trace. Meanwhile, DS Warren is detective who is called out to investigate the brutal murder of an elderly couple. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for th 4. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for their murder and yet, things are not as simple as they appear.

My heart was in my throat for longer than I would have liked!

Into the Darkness

Finding this book was a great surprise. I hope others will take the chance on it the way I did. This was a buddy read with Kaceey. Published on NetGalley, Goodreads and Twitter on 8.

Into the Darkness (Darkness, #1) by K.F. Breene

View all 41 comments. Jul 15, Paromjit rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-fiction , thriller , mystery , netgalley. Sibel Hodge writes a chilling, claustrophobic and terrifyingly dark thriller that exposes the horror that resides in the dark web. He turns vigilante when he becomes aware of the danger that Toni faces.

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Close to retirement, DS Warren Car Sibel Hodge writes a chilling, claustrophobic and terrifyingly dark thriller that exposes the horror that resides in the dark web. Close to retirement, DS Warren Carter investigates the seemingly random and brutal killing of a retired couple living in a remote area. The narrative is from multiple perspectives as the disparate threads connect, leading to an explosive finale.

With short chapters, this is an action packed and twisted story full of suspense and tension, and with humour and wit. It has characters that depict the worst of humanity as they prey on the vulnerable. I found this book compulsive and gripping reading, drawn into reading as fast as I could.

Sibel Hodge certainly how to write thrillers that are difficult to put down! View all 10 comments. Jul 03, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-paperwhite. I have read all her books and with this new novel, she continues to deliver the high standard of writing that she is known for. Another winner, Sibel! The story is told by three people…the Missing, the Vigilante and the Homicide Detective. The chapters are short, and I was resolute in finding out what was going to happen to each character. The subject matter is dark as it involves the dangers of the dark web.

Into the Darkness is a fast-paced novel with a tense plot and outstanding believable characters. The tension gradually builds until the end, which keeps the reader glued to their seat, to see what is coming next. All I can say is this was a pleasure to read, and I encourage other crime thriller readers to check out this novel. Highly recommended! Published July 3, View all 68 comments.

No windows anywhere. There's a wooden door that's solid. I know, I've tried to push it. Tried to shoulder all my weight against it. It won't move. The air smells of stale sweat and dampness and copper and something. In the books I've read - the true crimes - many victims said they could smell their own fear. I didn't believe that was possible. Just thought it was something they said. But it's true.

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I can smell my fear. Taste it. Feel it burning inside me, rippling under my skin. If you are planning on reading Into the Darkness, I would recommend that you read both other titles first otherwise you will miss out on a lot of background information that will provide you with a fuller picture of these characters. Hodge was inspired to write Into the Darkness after learning of the 'horrific real-life investigation into Peter Scully's red room in the Philippines'.

Into the Dark

What she has written terrifies me. It raises many questions.

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How do these people find each other? How do they function so normally in our world and keep their dark selves hidden? How do they get away with what they do? And, worst of all, do I know someone like this? These are the questions you will ask yourself as you read this chilling book. Into the Darkness starts out pretty innocuously. We have a standard police procedural when an elderly couple are found murdered in their home. But some mothers know better. And this one takes finding her daughter into her own hands. Now that it's all over it is 3. While I can't say that this was a pleasure to read, I can say that this was a damned good read and I am glad I didn't miss out on it.

She writes in an eclectic mix of genres, and is a passionate human and animal rights advocate.

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All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions. Please refer to my Goodreads. This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookaday. View all 19 comments. Jul 03, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-arcs. Into The Darkness is a thriller that focuses on the dark web and those who lurk there preying on innocent people to fill their darkest often murderous desires.