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As a lead golf analyst in NBC sports, he has a deep insight into the game. Practicing with conventional techniques is good, but a lot of things during a play will defy conventional techniques. The more you play, the more you will learn shots that are out of the book. This is a life lesson that Miller learned while he played in the Olympic day in day out. Current golf equipment is full of innovative design and technicalities.

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So, the life lesson Miller teaches us is that getting a hold on to the irons which you feel comfortable and know by the hand is crucial. On a single look or contact, new irons might feel great, but it can work completely different in playing conditions. Miller was a good listener of the golf ball shots. Whenever he would hit a ball, if he were seeing or not, he could tell if the ball struck on the toe or the middle. So, when you play, try to understand the sound of your shots and match them with your visualization.

That can make you a better golfer day by day. Miller won the Tucson open only through controlling distance with his iron shots. He hit the flagstick like 10 times. Get a clear idea of the length and speed of your swing. And you can use that to control the distance your ball covers with irons. Hitting long and hard everytime can also become your weakness when you have to cover a short distance to hit that hole. Based on his observations and life lessons, he has encouraged to keep the head low during the swing. The knees should do this necessarily.

Flexible knees bent and targeted towards the shot will help you to pure the shot absolutely.

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Good iron players always have their right wrist in a semi-cocked position. As playing with iron involves precision, golfers tend to lose focus on the basics and ponder after details like a wet club and light breeze and many more. Small things will hardly affect when you get these 3 things right. Every time you a golf ball, try to capture the way it made the impact with the ball.

Miller could, and it was one of his top secrets behind those 25 PGA tour wins. Sometimes yards coverage is not enough when you have more distance to cover.

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So, there is physics involved every part of golf. We will break it down for you in simple terms. A degree shift of the clubhead to the right of the ball means a degree shift of the direction of the ball to the right. Two things are essential for getting a curvature on the ball. The degree of the clubface and the degree of the swing path.

So, if you can get the clubface and swing path degrees equalling each other, you get perfectly straight shots. Two rods aligned yards to each other should do the job. Now hit the golf ball and see what does the ball do.

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Does it go straight and if it does what happens after it lands. Adjusting the swing path and the where you hit the ball you can understand how you can curve the ball.

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It does seem very anti golfing tip, but the natural tendency is always to hit the ball in sideways with a curve. And in playing conditions its not always possible to achieve that. Instead, if you can master the art of curving the ball, you can get in a far better position. You can either take either the right or the left direction of the curve to make your ball reach the destination. This is your natural shot-making. Hitting straight from the tee area is necessary, but with irons, in the fairways, you should develop and control your natural shot-making to take your game to the next level.

When you lower the ball flight in the air, it has fewer chances of moving side to side. High wind can change the flight of the ball. Having this skill in your bag will yield better results.

Step 1: Take the set up for iron hitting. The ball should be further back in your stance, inches will be optimal. This will help in achieving that lower flight. Step 3: The club handle and your lead arm must be in a right angle position. This step is very crucial. Step 4: The downswing should be made in such a way that you can unhinge at the very last moment. In this way, there will be very less loft on the ball.

Finish at the waist height, and that should be it. Start with a bigger triangle. As you begin to get a hold of your shots and understand how low you can hit, you can decrease the size of the triangle. The basics of hitting the golf ball high remain the same as hitting low.

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  • You just need to change a few things. Step 1: Take the same position for hitting with irons. The ball position is the key here. The further forward you have the ball in your stance, the higher the ball will go in the air. Step 2: The lead arm and the club handle should be in line. The handle cannot be as forward as it was. Step 3: The right angle is important here as well. L shape between lead arm and the club. Step 4: The normal unhinging can do the job. This time you can unhinge a little earlier. Step 5: A full finish is mandatory here.

    The fuller your finish will be, the higher your shots will be.

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    • Take two alignment rods and place them 3 or 4 feet apart. Use ropes between them to create a ladder-like structure. To get this smash factor in your skill set, you need to conquer two things: vertical pressure and the clubhead position. Using the ground is essential in many sports. You can take Basketball for example. Those long passes and shots will never be possible without using vertical pressure against the ground. In golf, the same physics comes into play. If you hit your shots with a horizontal force, you cannot get that power in your shots. The cave man, testerone-filled side of me takes great pride in this.

      With great distance…comes great mistakes. I did not arrive at being able to hit the ball this far overnight. Having length off the tee, and with your irons, is a huge advantage on a golf course. The game is much easier with a sand wedge in your hands in the fairway than it is with a 5 iron. Everyone wants to swing faster to hit the ball farther. Increased club head speed is certainly an important element of hitting the ball further, if not the most important part.

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