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Bodhi Daya. John Foxe.

Legends of the Gods. Wallis Budge. Mohammed Ali. The Wisdom of Sustainability is an engaging and informative read. We work hard - with a small budget and tiny editorial team - to bring you the wide-ranging, independent journalism we know you value and enjoy, but we need your help. Please make a donation to support The Ecologist platform. Thank you! Breadcrumb Home Reviews. Donate to us here. This, argues businessman Chandran Nair in his new book, could have dramatic consequences for the environment.

REVIEW Harmony: A new way of looking at our world Prince Charles's new book reacquaints us with a sense of our collective spirit, a place that has become increasingly remote from our digitally 'enhanced' worldview, says Jemima Roberts. But an educated person does not rely exclusively, or indeed even primarily, on the instruction she received, but seeks to satisfy her insatiable intellectual curiosity by her own means of self-improvement. Yet, in the business-class section of long flights to geographically and culturally remote places, typically the business passenger will be seen watching silly videos that require an IQ of a 12 year old, rather than taking advantage of these hours of imposed leisure to read and learn about the societies he will be visiting, thereby deepening his knowledge and broadening his horizons.

To have an ethical compass and a proper sense of citizenship requires on the part of the business executive a real intellectual confrontation with complexity in order to develop the level of wisdom needed to make judgments in the face of difficult dilemmas.

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This can be gained from philosophy, literature, history, physics and chemistry, linguistics, and other "profound" disciplines, but it is not something that only a traditional business syllabus can provide. Thus, though the history of business may be inspiring in terms of innovation, technology, risk and production, the political side of the story is much less illuminating. If one takes the history of France during the German occupation, for example, there are few business leaders who feature among the portraits of the resistance.

Not only did many French companies acquiesce with the diktats of the Vichy regime, including sacking Jews if and when required, but a good number, such as Renault, went a good deal further and actively sought to do business for the Nazis. Indeed, working proactively with the Nazis was not limited to French companies under occupation or German companies during the Third Reich, but included such blue chips as IBM and Ford, and, as has been revealed in some detail, the ever opportunity-aware Swiss banks.

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz: Globalisation and the 21st Century Enlightenment

That was then. In the global internet era of "transparency," it will become increasingly clear that politics, ethics and business cannot be separated. It does not take too much of an oracle to recognize heavy storm clouds are gathering on the global business horizon. European and U. For this, European and U. Having acquired this education, they will be far "richer" in the broadest sense of the term, and so should society at large.

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