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Immerse yourself in a new language with confidence—we're here to get you talking using phrases that you'll learn with ease through parallel audio. Parallel audio is the key to Lingo Jump's language-learning methodology. Through repetition of clearly pronounced words and phrases at a tempo that's easy to follow, you'll not only find it easier to understand and speak Swedish, you'll also improve your memory, boost your listening skills, and pick up the correct accent.

Our speakers follow a specific speech pattern throughout the audiobook, making phrases predictable, and helping you understand words and phrases through context. We keep you solely focused on the language, without any distracting background music. We know that not everyone speaks in the same way.

Dialects, tempos, and accents can vary among a country's regions, and even among quarters within a city. So when you start, you'll hear our audiobook narrators using different intonations of repeated phrases, slowing them down, speeding them up, and placing emphasis on different parts of the phrases.

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This helps accelerate your ability to understand and speak the language naturally. Lingo Jump is ideal to get beginners speaking a Swedish almost immediately. The parallel audio system also helps intermediate and advanced speakers achieve fluency in a new language.

As you progress, the parallel audio system has you repeat phrases at their natural tempo, removing the slower versions. This motivating feature helps you track your improvement, and gets you speaking Swedish with confidence. Our speakers break down each word into their distinct syllables and speak slowly. This helps you catch every nuance of the language, making it easier for you to improve your listening and speaking skills all by yourself. You can learn while you are running, working out, walking, driving, or even when you are doing chores.

Our parallel audio learning system teaches you wherever you are, without requiring a reference manual. With the free Audible trial, download this audiobook for free! Dowload the App and start listening to this audiobook instantly. Are you already a listener? Thank you!!

Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat Complete Course

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Rubrics are meant to clarify expectations, but poor design can make the experience anything but clear. These five guidelines will help. Many dress codes unfairly target students in certain populations, doing more harm than good. This guide will help you review and revise your current policy. To master this craft, we need to choose our words carefully. This mini-makeover shows how revising our language in common classroom scenarios can send a completely different message.

Could your school stop its normal routine for a full day and devote it entirely to unstructured play? To take quality notes, students need to be taught how. This fantastic station-rotation lesson gets the job done, and it can be used with all kinds of other content as well. Awareness of educational inequity is important, but we also need to take action. Pedro Noguera shares ten ways educators can do just that. About content. Why is this a problem? Where did it come from? And how can we fix it? When we blame our teaching problems on the collective inferiority of a generation, we only make things worse.

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The ability to tell a good story is one of the things that makes human beings extraordinary. To stand before children is a rare privilege. In every minute we spend together, they will learn something. Whatever it is we put before them, they will learn from it.

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    Money and space are not prerequisites for learning-friendly design.