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From antiquity up into the 20th century tertian and quartan malaria which are caused by the parasites Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium malariae were widespread in Central Europe.

Hundreds of different remedies against malaria can be found in herbals from the Renaissance. To document and discuss from a modern pharmacological viewpoint the old remedies described in eight 16th and 17th century herbals written in German.

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Eight of the most important herbals of the 16th and17th century including Bock , Fuchs , Matthiolus , Lonicerus , Brunfels , Zwinger , and Tabernaemontanus and were searched for terms related to malaria, and documented plants and recipes described for its treatment. Additionally the overlapping of these remedies with those in De Materia Medica by the Greek physician Dioscorides was studied. Three hundred and fourteen taxa were identified in the herbals for this indication.

The influence of De Materia Medica was shown to be negligible with only 3. Jerusalem, Four issues, typewritten. Size varies. Overall fair-poor condition. Shaul Raskin Theodor Herzl.


Vienna: Welt, Theodor Herzl, concerning the Zionist movement following the first Zionist Congress. Several unopened sheets. Stains, Creases to corners of leaves. New binding lacking original wrapper. Ex Libris. Bible, edited by Benjamin Boothroyd — England, 19th century. Pontefract, England, [ca. Two volumes. The Bible with an introduction, and with philological and grammatical comments by Benjamin Boothroyd. I: xxii, pp; Vol. II: vi, , [2] pp. Two volumes bound in leather bindings. Damage to bindings.

Front cover and endpaper of the first volume are detached. Front cover of second volume is partly detached.

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Ex-library copies. An autographed letter from Baruch Chemerinsky to Yehoshua Gordon. Written on official stationery of Habima Theater. A letter from "Habima" theater director, Baruch Chemerinsky, concerning his immigration with his group to Palestine. See about him item Stains and creases.


Folding marks. Filing holes. Holes and tears at margins of leaf.

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Das Heilige Land, nach seiner ehemaligen und jetzigen geographischen Beschaffenheit, nebst kritischen Blicken in das Carl v. Frankfurt: J. Kauffmann Accompanied by five illustration plates: a portrait of Rabbi Yehosef Schwartz frontispiece ; illustrations of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, Bethlehem and the Cave of the Patriarchs, Panorama of Jerusalem folding plate and a map of Eretz Israel folding plate, lacking bottom half. Stains foxing to first and last leaves. Map of Eretz Israel — torn.

Bottom half lacking. Jacobus Gerardus Veldheer Portrait of Thomas Mann, a lithograph by Eugen Spiro Signed by the artist and by Thomas Mann. Leaf: A few stains and creases. Two pieces of adhesive tape on the reverse. Constantin Somoff von Oscar Bie. Accompanied by reproductions of his works and a foreword by Oscar Bie. Vellum binding with gold embossing. Some uncut sheets. A Letter Concerning the War of Independence, A letter concerning the War of Independence, sent by a person who signed 'Amos', to his friend Yossef, dated The letter details the progress of the front, mentioning that the road to Jerusalem was captured and that food convoys move towards Jerusalem for the approaching holiday of Pesach.

The writer tells about the battles in Emek Yizrael and Ramat Yochanan, the augmented arms production and shipments of arms arriving in the country. At the beginning, he mentions the nearing termination of the Mandate and says that this is the last letter since postal services will stop functioning.

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  • Racconto di due città (Italian Edition).

Some stains and tears. Eretz HaZvi — Woodcuts — Jerusalem, Eretz HaZvi, Aharon Halevi. Published by "Ayala", Dvir. Portfolio containing twelve woodcuts for biblical verses, created by Aharon Halevi, farmer by vocation and occasional artist. The woodcuts depict the land's views and pastoral biblical scenes. Introduction by Yitzchak ben Avraham Katz. Unopened sheets. New-York, Granted on the occasion of the inscription of Struck's name in JNF Golden Book by the association, in order to commemorate his first visit to the USA and in appreciation of his activities.

Photograph of Hermann Struck. Stamped "Photo Brenner, Haifa". Exhibition catalogue in Hebrew and English — List of Struck's works, with photographs and an introduction by Karl Scwartz. Hermann Struck, self-portrait. Condition varies. Munich-Leipzig: Georg Muller [ca. Four volumes. Bibliophile edition with fine typography designed by Paul Renner. Slight damage to bindings. Some wear to margins of leaves. Three Scholarly Books. Myer Myers, Goldsmith, by Jeanette W. Edges of binding slightly worn.

Enclosed is a catalogue of an exhibition for silverware created by Myers.

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Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, Viii, pp, 23 cm. Ex-library copy. Hebrew Printers' Marks from the beginning of Hebrew printing until the end of the 19th century by Avraham Yaari. Edition of copies. XIV, , [1], XV pp, Edges of binding are worn and peeling.

Wilhelm Rudolph Collection of Books — Jewish Congregations in Europe. Collection of European Jewish Congregations books. Galicia, Lublin, Birobidzhan, Kishinev. Books were published between the years Hebrew, Yiddish, English and most of them in German. Collection of Books and Booklets on the Subject of Zionism.

Halter press, Warsaw, Two parts, bound together. Title page of first part is lacking and replaced by a photocopy. Published by Max Hickl, Vienna, Published by "Tzeiray Mizrahi", Lodz, Torn cover. Issue of Paper for Egyptian Soldiers, Issue of paper for Egyptian soldiers. Issue no.

  • Chapter 12, Early Environments, Developmental Plasticity and Chronic Degenerative Disease.
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Articles report in detail the progress and withdrawal stages during the months of June and July, and discuss the visits of the King to the front during cease fire and the treatment of Jewish prisoners of war. A text is printed at the end of the issues [photograph of a handwritten letter], written in Arabic in Hebrew characters: "I am Ezra Horin from Tel Aviv…" Ezra Horin was taken as prisoner by the Egyptian army during an espionage mission in Gaza and was executed for being supposedly sent to poison the water wells.

Numerous photographs, portraying injured soldiers, water tower in Negba with the flag of the Egyptian Kingdom and the map of Israel south of Tel Aviv. Stains, foxing. Lacking most of the cover. New-York: Schocken, []. Third edition. On front free endpaper appears a dedication handwritten by Gershom Shalom: "Gift of friendship and fondness to Malca and Berl Locker. From the writer Gershom Shalom". Dated Tevet 25, Xiv, [1], pp, 23 cm. Stains to binding.